Why you should start using 1Password at university

Why you should start using 1Password at university

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Life as a university student can get pretty hectic. You’ve got classes to attend, assignments to complete, and notes to memorize ahead of exams. On top of that, you might be juggling a part-time job, extracurricular clubs, and a busy social calendar.

Setting up a password manager might not feel like the most important item on your to-do list. But it’s a small investment that can have a large positive impact on your student experience. Here, we’ll explain how 1Password will save you time, keep your accounts secure, and give you peace of mind so that you can focus on graduating with top marks.

1. You’ll never forget a password for any of your university accounts

Most university courses require you to create a lot of new accounts. You’ll likely have an academic email address, accounts for accessing teacher notes and resources, downloading research papers, and even accessing the school library.

Remembering the password for each of these new accounts can be a real pain – especially if they’re all unique. With 1Password, you can create strong credentials for all of your accounts, organize them with vaults and tags, and quickly access them on all of your devices.

2. You’ll save time and be more productive

1Password doesn’t just memorize your passwords – it autofills them too. Sure, it only takes a few seconds to type out a password, but that’s assuming you remember it immediately, and don’t make any mistakes typing it out! Consider how often you enter a password, or have to reset one of your passwords – those seconds quickly add up over a semester.

1Password eliminates the frustration of typing out and resetting forgotten passwords, giving you more time for important tasks, like finishing up your dissertation, or playing some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with your roommates.

3. You’ll take the hassle out of group projects

Group projects are hard. You have to come up with (and agree upon) a central idea, assign tasks, and then ensure everyone delivers their work on time, and at a reasonable standard.

Don’t make group projects more difficult than they need to be. You can use 1Password to create, organize, and share passwords for important documents, spreadsheets, and cloud storage – even if your team members aren’t using a password manager yet.

4. You’ll be able to apply to more jobs

Toward the end of your course, you’ll likely start the search for a job in your field. It can be a time consuming process that involves tailoring your resume to each job, writing custom cover letters, or the always dreaded copy and pasting of all that information into online forms.

With 1Password, you can save all of your personal information, including your name, email address, and phone number, and then autofill it anywhere. The result? Fewer hours spent copying and pasting what’s already listed on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Eliminating this part of the process means you can spend more time applying to additional jobs, or focus on making each application really stand out from the crowd.

5. You can store, organize, and share everything else that’s important in your life

Your life extends beyond the classroom. You’ve likely got debit and credit cards, Wi-Fi passwords, and login credentials for all the places you frequent online, including music and video streaming services. Not to mention important documents, like your passport, driver’s license, and medical records.

1Password gives you a secure and accessible place to keep all of this information, whether you’re living on campus or at home. You can also securely share it with family, roommates, and friends using vaults or item sharing. No more annoying – and potentially insecure – text messages, calls, or post-it notes that will inevitably fall off the refrigerator.

6. You can protect your accounts from hackers and respond quickly to data breaches

The best way to protect your online accounts is by using strong and unique passwords. If you use the same credentials for everything, you’re putting your information at risk. Why? Because if a single service is compromised and your password leaks online, at least one criminal will probably check if they can use it to access your other accounts.

When credit cards, home addresses, and personal photos are saved in a variety of accounts, you really don’t want to risk getting compromised.

The problem is that no-one can remember 100 passwords that look like this: ! i W Z V - B E b 0 + - 6 p Z F z N . But you no longer have to compromise between secure credentials and easy access to accounts. Just let 1Password generate, store, and autofill strong passwords on your behalf.

Watchtower will also tell you when any of your passwords have been affected by a known data breach and need to be changed. That way, you can update the password before any criminal has a chance to exploit it.

7. You can have true peace of mind

Living as a student can feel like you’re spinning a dozen plates simultaneously. You only have so much mental bandwidth, and it’s important that you keep some of it free for assignments, personal reflection, and your own sense of work-life balance.

Don’t make passwords and cybersecurity one of those plates. Instead, hand off the task of remembering and organizing everything in your digital life to 1Password.

Supercharge your student experience for less than the price of a cup of coffee

We get it – when you’re a student, spare cash is hard to come by. To survive, you need to stick to a budget and make every dollar stretch as far as possible.

A password manager like 1Password can seem like a luxury, but it’s really an essential tool that pays for itself many times over. It’ll keep your accounts secure, organize your digital life, and save you time so that you can achieve your goals both inside and outside university.

An individual 1Password subscription costs less than a double espresso (or a similarly-priced beverage of your choice) in most major cities. For all the benefits we just covered, that’s a price well worth paying.

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