Transparency, privacy, support: becoming the world's most trusted password manager

Transparency, privacy, support: becoming the world's most trusted password manager

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At 1Password we’re committed to transparency, customer privacy, and support. But becoming the world’s most trusted password manager didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t come for free. 1Password memberships help power this machine at the highest level, keeping customers safe and satisfied across the globe.

If you’re considering using a password manager for the first time or making the switch to 1Password, here are a few reasons why the small membership cost goes a long way.

Privacy and transparency

Since day one, we’ve placed customer trust at the forefront, a commitment that extends from our data privacy protocols to our hundreds of support interactions every day.

With any membership you’ll get everything 1Password has to offer, with no hidden details or surprise fees. This includes expert-tested data encryption developed on top of open standards. You can read all about how we keep your online secrets secure, while never having personal access to your passwords or other info you store in 1Password.

Our small monthly fee allows us to maintain this best-in-class privacy and update our product constantly to stay ahead of the curve. Being both the most loved and most trusted app of its kind is no easy feat, but we’re working hard to keep it that way!

Unlimited access and support

Your digital life stretches across devices, and your 1Password experience will reflect this, never leaving you hanging. Every 1Password membership provides seamless syncing across all your computers and mobile devices, so you can store and access unlimited passwords from anywhere at any time. Using 1Password on your phone or tablet offers the same great experience as using it on your desktop, and vice versa.

The same way we support your devices, we support you as well. You can connect with real people on our Customer Support team for any issues, big or small. Charging for our app has allowed us to grow the best Support team in the business – you can join us in the 1Password Support Community, send us an email, or catch us on Twitter.

Heaps of features

The 1Password apps are a nonstop labor of love, made possible by our millions of paid users. It all starts with a clean, user-friendly design that works reliably on Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS.

The 1Password Development team is always improving upon existing features and adding new tools, to address your biggest concerns in an intuitive, engaging way. A handful of features we’re proud to offer that other apps simply don’t:

  • Watchtower. Watchtower lets you know about any security breaches on the websites you use, so you can quickly change the passwords for those accounts. It also alerts you to any weak or reused passwords you may have, which you can update using 1Password’s built-in strong password generator.
  • Travel Mode. Using Travel Mode, you can hide certain vaults from your devices while on a business or personal trip to keep that information extra safe. This can be handy for individuals as well as administrators of company accounts when employees are traveling.
  • Privacy Cards. 1Password integrates with Privacy for in-app creation of Privacy Cards, virtual payment cards that protect you when you spend online. It’s one of many partnerships and integrations that put 1Password in a league of its own.

Bring the whole family

Security isn’t just a buzzword for us, it’s our core value. We want your entire family to feel protected with 1Password. We’re offering 50 percent off 1Password Families to sweeten the deal and make your home a 1Password household. 1Password Teams users can also upgrade to 1Password Business to give employees a free family account.

If you’re using another password manager, consider a switch to 1Password to see what makes us not only the most loved password manager but one of the best software products on the market.

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