We donated $50,000 to Sustainable Ocean Alliance to help protect our oceans

We donated $50,000 to Sustainable Ocean Alliance to help protect our oceans

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Finding new ways to help the planet and the people around us is some of the most important work we do here at 1Password. At some point we started to wonder, what can we do to support the health of our oceans? As part of our continuing 1Password for Good initiative, we’ve decided to partner with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance to make a positive impact on our environment.

Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) is a global community of over 6,000 youth, experts, and entrepreneurs based in 165 countries, all collaborating to solve the greatest challenges facing our ocean. They support solutions and projects that address the targets of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14: to conserve the ocean and sustainably use marine resources. SOA does this by providing funding, network access, mentorship, and other resources to startups and grassroots leaders around the globe who are working to improve ocean health.

Seas the day 🌊

Our donation of $50,000 supported 10 projects, with missions that range from creating a mangrove tree nursery to helping develop educational programs for youth and adults. All are working to restore and protect ocean ecosystems, preventing their destruction and subsequent consequences on marine life, habitats, and local communities.

We are so proud to help the following projects achieve their missions:

  • Dive into Marine Science and ICC Day, Gambia
  • AdvocaSEA Camp, Brunei
  • Inspiring the Rising Generation of Ocean Advocates, United States of America
  • Moving Towards Zero: Global Challenge Campaign, Spain, United States of America, Canada
  • Empowering Ocean Communities in Thailand, Thailand
  • Ocean Literacy Online Course for Educators, Brazil
  • Green School Blue Future Curriculum, Honduras
  • La Academia 2021, Peru
  • “The Engagement We Need for the Ocean We Want”, Brazil
  • Mangrove Week from Martinique to the Caribbean, Martinique

A closer look at a few of the projects we are supporting:

Shoring up mangrove education 🏝️

One project we’re excited to support is Mangrove Week, created by the NGO Roots of the Sea. Mangroves are a unique ecosystem that is home to thousands of species, and they help stabilize shorelines to prevent coastal erosion. The threat to mangroves from pollution, climate change, and coastal development puts the biodiversity of the region at risk.

Roots of the Sea was able to bring together Martiniquan and Caribbean youth to create a mangrove tree nursery (planting 50-75 mangroves) and they conducted a mangrove cleanup event. They are now working to establish a mangrove network across the Caribbean with other organizations and to bring the focus to mangroves beyond just one week each year.

Choose zero and be an environmental hero ♻️

The Go Zero Waste App helps people overcome the barriers to leading a zero waste lifestyle. This exciting project organizes interactive challenges that promote sustainable habits and local trade. It does so by linking each action to earning points, saving waste, and providing rewards and incentives.

By helping individuals decrease their consumption, and to start using sustainable products, the Go Zero Waste app will help reduce the amount of waste finding its way into landfills and oceans. Launching in Spain, the United States, and Canada – with campaigns co-created with companies, governments, and in collaboration with SOA – the Go Zero Waste App is primed to make a significant splash.

The sea-son to support our oceans 🌎

You, too, can help support SOA in their mission to connect groups and projects dedicated to restoration with mentorship and funding. You can donate to SOA, or contact SOA to get involved. Take your first step today – dip your toe in the water and help make a positive impact on our oceans.

We believe protecting our oceans is an important responsibility and we are proud to be able to help support so many amazing initiatives. This ongoing effort will help create a healthy ecosystem, so we don’t have to be salty about the state of our oceans anymore. Thank you for your support in 1Password – it allows us to continue supporting causes that are important to us, and that impact everyone.


Jeannie De Guzman - CFO Jeannie De Guzman - CFO

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