What else can you store in 1Password?

What else can you store in 1Password?

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You can use 1Password to protect more than just passwords. Saving copies of documents, secure notes, and other important information can make it easier for you to access things when you need them.


Everything you store is encrypted, and accessible only to you. Learn more about 1Password and your privacy.

Here’s every non-password item you can store in your vault.

Secure Notes

With Secure Notes, you can jot down important information, so it’s available on all your devices — from your laptop at work to your Apple Watch.

Medical records

With the Medical Record you can add a title, date, practitioner’s name, and anything else you want to save to help you store and track health-related information.

Credit Cards

Store your credit card numbers, billing addresses, and verification codes in 1Password. You can then fill them with a single click when you shop online.

Store your credit cards in 1Password


You can use the Identity item type to keep track of important personal information like addresses, phone number, job information, and even internet account details.

Wireless Router

Add your wireless router’s name, network name, password, and IP address to 1Password and you won’t have to go digging around behind your entertainment center the next time a guest wants to sign on to you WiFi. If you’re using 1Password Families, this is the kind of thing that’s right at home in a Shared vault.


Do you maintain a server for work or fun? Store all the relevant information about the admin console and hosting provider in 1Password so you’re never locked out.

Keep server information safe

Email Account

If you prefer to host your own email, you’ll love how easy it is to save all the information you need to access your email or contact the provider.


Scan and upload important documents and files like rental agreements, receipts, deeds, wills, and more to your 1Password vault for safekeeping. It’s always helpful to have a digital copy as a backup!

Bank Account

Keep track of your different bank accounts and make it easy to access your account numbers, routing numbers, and branch information whenever needed.


Maintaining a database can be time consuming, but storing all your information in 1Password means you’ll always have access. 1Password even helps you keep track of the connection options.

Store important database information

Drivers License

While a police officer won’t accept your 1Password account as valid identification, you can use it to store your drivers license information for easy access when traveling.


Are you a member of so many organizations that you have trouble keeping them all straight? Use 1Password to keep track of your various member IDs, websites, and expiration dates.

Outdoor License

1Password can go with you anywhere, even the wilderness. Store your outdoor licences for hunting, fishing, and other activities in 1Password so you’ll always have them on hand.


International travel can be nerve-wracking, but having your passport information saved and accessible in 1Password no matter where you’re headed can help alleviate some stress. If you misplace your passport, it might help to have a scanned copy to hand.

Keep your passport details close at hand

Rewards Program

We all like saving money, but no one wants to carry around a wallet or keyring bursting with various store loyalty cards. Keep track of the various rewards programs you’ve signed up for and make saving money stress-free.

Social Security Number

Your Social Security Number is the key to your identity, but not everyone has theirs memorized. Add it to your 1Password vault to keep it secure, but close by at all times.

Software Licenses

Have you accumulated quite the collection of software licenses? You need somewhere to store those long strings of characters for easy access, and your 1Password vault is the perfect place.

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