33 Shell Plugins and counting!

33 Shell Plugins and counting!

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I’m always amazed at just how quickly the developer community gets things done. Case in point: Just weeks after we launched 1Password Shell Plugins, we’re now 33 plugins strong… 14 of which were built by you, the developer community. 🤯

Shell Plugins enable one-touch access to command-line interfaces (CLIs). 1Password embraced an open-source model with Shell Plugins, so anyone can write a Shell Plugin for their most-loved CLI and include them in future releases of the 1Password CLI. Within days of the Shell Plugins announcement, we received half a dozen contributions!

We’re thrilled that there are now 33 Shell Plugins spanning AWS, GitHub, Okta, Stripe, Snyk, Tugboat and more!

A list of all 33 products supported by 1Password Shell Plugins

Let’s walk through each Shell Plugin that you can now access through the 1Password CLI.

Build and Release

Argo CD Shell Plugin

Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. We want to give a special thanks to open source contributor Seyed for helping make the Argo CD Shell Plugin happen.

Explore the Argo CD Shell Plugin documentation

Cachix Shell Plugin

Cachix is a service for Nix binary host caching. Thanks to micnncim for contributing the Chachix Shell Plugin.

Explore the Cachix Shell Plugin documentation

Cargo Shell Plugin

The Cargo CLI gives developers the ability to create a command-line interface binary with common dependencies.

Explore the Cargo Shell Plugin documentation

CircleCI Shell Plugin

CircleCI is a CI/CD platform that is used to implement Developer Operations practices.

Explore the CircleCI Shell Plugin documentation

GitHub Shell Plugin

GitHub is a hosting service for software development that uses the version control system Git.

Explore the GitHub Shell Plugin documentation

GitLab Shell Plugin

GitLab is a DevOps software package which can develop, secure, and operate software.

Explore the GitLab Shell Plugin documentation

Homebrew Shell Plugin

Homebrew is a leading package manager that enables users to download, manage and remove software packages. Big thanks to markdorison for authoring the Homebrew Shell Plugin.

Explore the Homebrew Shell Plugin documentation

Tugboat Shell Plugin

Tugboat creates customizable, containerized environments for engineering teams. Special thanks to markdorison for authoring the Tugboat Shell Plugin.

Explore the Tugboat Shell Plugin documentation

Cloud providers

Amazon Web Services Shell Plugin

AWS is Amazon’s suite of developer tools including the S3 storage service, Amazon ECT, and much more.

Explore the Amazon Web Services Shell Plugin documentation

Cloudflare Workers Shell Plugin

Cloudflare Workers is a platform for enabling serverless functions to run as close as possible to the end user. Thanks to shyim for authoring the Cloudflare Workers Shell Plugin.

Explore the Cloudflare Workers Shell Plugin documentation

DigitalOcean Shell Plugin

DigitalOcean is a cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service provider.

Explore the DigitalOcean Shell Plugin documentation

Fastly Shell Plugin

Fastly makes websites work faster as a leading content delivery network. Thanks to Arun for contributing this shell plugin!

Explore the Fastly Shell Plugin documentation

Heroku Shell Plugin

Heroku is a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale applications.

Explore the Heroku Shell Plugin documentation

Hetzner Cloud Shell Plugin

Hetzner Online provides dedicated hosting, shared web hosting, virtual private servers, managed servers, domain names, SSL certificates, storage boxes, and cloud storage.

Explore the Hetzner Cloud Shell Plugin documentation

Linode Shell Plugin

Linode is an infrastructure-as-a-service that uses Linux virtual machines and tools to develop, deploy, and scale applications. Thanks to contributor alexclst for authoring the Linode Shell Plugin.

Explore the Linode Shell Plugin documentation

Vultr Shell Plugin

Vultr makes the process of deploying cloud infrastructure simple, performant, and reliable. Special thanks to Arun for contributing this shell plugin!

Explore the Vultr Shell Plugin documentation


Databricks Shell Plugin

Databricks is a well-known data foundation that powers businesses of all sizes. Thanks to bsamseth for authoring the Databricks Shell Plugin.

Explore the Databricks Shell Plugin documentation

MySQL Shell Plugin

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system.

Explore the MySQL Shell Plugin documentation

PostgreSQL Shell Plugin

PostgreSQL is a leading open-source data management system.

Explore the PostgreSQL Shell Plugin documentation

Snowflake Shell Plugin

Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse that can store and analyze all your data records in a single place.

Explore the Snowflake Shell Plugin documentation


ngrok Shell Plugin

ngrok is a cross-platform tool that exposes local TCP ports to the internet via secure tunneling. Thanks to Arun for contributing this shell plugin.

Explore the ngrok Shell Plugin documentation

OpenAI Shell Plugin

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence company that uses AI research to promote and develop AI technologies.

Explore the OpenAI Shell Plugin documentation

ReadMe Shell Plugin

ReadMe is a leading tool for building interactive developer hubs. ReadMe was also the first company to build a Shell Plugin – a special thanks to Kanad Gupta for putting it together!

Explore the ReadMe Shell Plugin documentation

Sourcegraph Shell Plugin

Sourcegraph is a tool for helping developers understand, fix, and automate tasks across an entire codebase. Thanks to Arun for contributing this shell plugin!

Explore the Sourcegraph Shell Plugin documentation

Stripe Shell Plugin

Stripe is a suite of APIs powering online payment processing and commerce solutions for internet businesses of all sizes.

Explore the Stripe Shell Plugin documentation

Twilio Shell Plugin

Twilio provides telecommunications services to developers through their API.

Explore the Twilio Shell Plugin documentation

Security and monitoring

Dogshell Shell Plugin

Dogshell comes with the officially supported datadogpy Python library, often used to send data to Datadog with DogStatsD.

Explore the Dogshell Shell Plugin documentation

Fossa Shell Plugin

Fossa is a leading open source risk management platform.

Explore the Fossa Shell Plugin documentation

HashiCorp Vault Shell Plugin

HashiCorp Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets in modern computing.

Explore the HashiCorp Vault Shell Plugin documentation

Lacework Shell Plugin

Lacework is a security platform for DevOps, containers, and cloud. Thanks to contributor colinbarr for authoring the Lacework Shell Plugin.

Explore the Lacework Shell Plugin documentation

Sentry Shell Plugin

Sentry is a provider of open-source error tracking with full stacktraces and asynchronous context.

Explore the Sentry Shell Plugin documentation

Snyk Shell Plugin

Snyk is a tool for testing vulnerabilities in your code, open source dependencies, container images, and more.

Explore the Snyk Shell Plugin documentation

Identity and access management

Okta Shell Plugin

Okta is a leading identity and access management solution.

Explore the Okta Shell Plugin documentation

Give a Shell Plugins a try (or build your own)

Using Shell Plugins is easy. To get started, follow the instructions provided on each of the linked pages above. Got a favorite? Let us know on Twitter or Mastodon by sharing with #BuildWith1Password.

If you don’t yet see a Shell Plugin for your favorite CLI, it’s easy to contribute your own. Watch 1Password engineer Amanda Crawley build a plugin in under 10 minutes to see how it’s done:

Stuck? We’re happy to help! You can:

Happy building!

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