Join us for 1Password’s Security Summer Camp

Feeling a bit lost in the woods when it comes to cybersecurity? Up your security skills at 1Password’s Security Summer Camp. Learn from our security summer camp counselors about attacker’s motivations, how and why data breaches occur, and best practices for how you can protect your organization from unwanted threats.

Join us August 1st at 4PM PT / 7PM ET for a Twitter Spaces event and then August 2nd – 4th at 9AM PT / 12PM ET for a daily 1-hour webinar – we promise it won’t be too in-tents for summer! To learn more about the week’s events, check out the camp activities in this post – or visit Security Summer Camp to learn more.

Security Summer Camp: Twitter Spaces event 🔥🪵

Have you ever wanted to share your security horror stories around a campfire? We’ve got you covered with our Security Summer Camp kick-off Twitter Spaces event. Join 1Password hosts Michael Fey (Roo), VP of Engineering, and Andrew Beyer, Browser Experience Lead, around the virtual campfire on August 1st at 7PM ET for this fun event that will include:

  • Cybersecurity stories from the 1Password speakers, including 1Password co-founder Dave Teare
  • Listeners sharing the craziest cybersecurity story they’ve ever heard

Make sure you’re following @1Password on Twitter so you don’t miss this live conversation and the chance to share your own story.

The anatomy of a data breach: how at risk are you really? 🐻🍯

You may not be at risk of a bear attack during our virtual camp, but as cybersecurity threats continue to evolve it can be difficult to assess your risk in the digital landscape. Join camp counselor (and 1Password Security Specialist) Joseph Ojelade on August 2nd at 12PM ET to learn:

  • The various stages of what happens before, during, and after a data breach
  • The difference between prevention and intervention when it comes to protecting your organization
  • Actionable tips on how to ensure you’re practicing good security hygiene, both at home and at work

How and why hackers hack, and how to defend your organization 🌿🦟

Sometimes cybersecurity threats are a lot like poison ivy – you just don’t know what to look out for. On August 3rd at 12PM ET, join Roger Grimes, a 34-year cybersecurity veteran, to find out:

  • Attackers’ motivations and how today’s real-world mix of malware and human-directed attacks, like ransomware, happen
  • Why hacking doesn’t have to be super technical to be successful
  • Best practices that could significantly lower your risk to cybersecurity threats

Building an identity and access management system that secures more ⛺️🔒

The 1Password team of Graham Jackson, Lauren Gregg, and Alex Hoffmann are excited to show you how 1Password features can help strengthen your identity and access management system. In their talk on August 4th at 12PM ET, you’ll learn about:

  • How to get improved visibility and security for password-based logins with Insights from 1Password
  • The benefits of enforced access controls for the use and sharing of passwords and other sensitive information
  • Unlocking 1Password with your identity provider via SSO in an exclusive sneak peek of our upcoming feature

The advantage of a virtual camp is we’re pretty sure your Wi-Fi will be better! So join us for Security Summer Camp to get all of the fun camp without any of the wild animals or noisy bunk mates – and we’ll do our best to keep the bugs to a minimum, too. Grab your paddle and join us as we take a trip down the security rapids. 🛶

Not sure if you can make it to all camp activities? Register anyway and we’ll send you the recordings when camp ends.

And if this week’s camp activities don’t scratch your security itch, check out our Security Summer School event from last year.

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