New 1Password research reveals the risks of login fatigue

New 1Password research reveals the risks of login fatigue

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For many workers, accessing the tools required to do their jobs is a hassle. This ‘login fatigue’ could be putting your business at risk as employees find less secure workarounds to complete tasks, or, in some cases, give up on a task altogether.

To better understand login fatigue and the risks it poses, 1Password surveyed 2,000 adults in Canada and the U.S. These were all full-time employees at companies with more than 250 workers, and who primarily used a computer to do their job. We expected login fatigue to be a source of frustration. What we found is an escalating and far more complex problem, with wide-ranging effects on worker productivity, security, and mental health.

Key findings

  • Fatigue and frustration: Nearly half of employees (44%) say that the process of logging in and out at work harms their mood or reduces productivity.

  • Incomplete work product: 26% of workers have given up on doing something at work to avoid the hassle of logging in.

  • Missing meetings: 62% of employees miss parts of meetings on a regular basis because of login issues.

  • Login overload: 41% of employees say having to remember multiple logins heightens their stress levels and strains their mental health.

  • Skipping out on security: 38% of workers have procrastinated, delegated, or skipped setting up work-related security apps.

  • Helpless against hackers: 44% of workers are paranoid of being hacked or scammed. And with good reason: 42% have had their online accounts compromised before.

Read the full report

To learn more about login fatigue and its impact on modern businesses, check out the full report. It delves deeper into what’s causing the problem, how it’s affecting workers, and steps you can take right now to mitigate the issues.

What you can do today

An enterprise password manager solves many of the login frustrations plaguing employees. 1Password reduces the cognitive load on workers by giving them access to all their online accounts with a single password. A password manager can even autofill their account information, so logging in is as simple as a click or a tap.

Secure your business without slowing it down

Trusted by over 115,000 businesses, 1Password is the best way to protect your organization’s secrets. Try 1Password with a 14-day free trial today!
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