Celebrating 100 episodes of Random but Memorable

Celebrating 100 episodes of Random but Memorable

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Over the past 100 episodes we’ve heard Roo say “drop it in here” approximately 98 times, created six random but fun security games, interviewed leaders from around the globe, and asked the world’s greatest philosophical question: are cherries a berry?

One of the best parts of producing Random but Memorable has been interviewing so many brilliant security experts. (Second only to hearing from you, our amazing listeners!) We’ve interviewed Twitter royalty @hacks4pancakes (Lesley Carhart), dived into email privacy with Ricardo Signes from Fastmail, and explored how data analysis can uncover insider threats with Distinguished Professor David Bader.

The podcast has also given us an outlet to share 1Password tips and tricks, like how to archive items you don’t use often, and how to share items with people who don’t use 1Password.

Whether you’ve been listening for the past 100 episodes, or just found us today, we’re excited to share a little more about Random but Memorable, and what you can expect in future episodes!

A beginners guide to Random but Memorable

It’s not always random or memorable, but it is always fun!

Meet the 1Password hosts that bring you each episode: Matt Davey, Chief Experience Officer, Michael “Roo” Fey, Head of User Lifecycle & Growth, and Anna Eastick, Podcast Producer.

Matt, Roo, and Anna have been sharing security advice and banter with audiences and guests since 2018. First-time listener? Here’s a bit of what you can expect from Random but Memorable:

  • Expert interviews. Listen to security and privacy leaders break down the latest news and trends in a way that everyone can understand.
  • Product updates. We’re always working to improve 1Password, and our team is always excited to share new features, updates, and news on the podcast.
  • Watchtower updates. Our team jumps down the rabbit hole to break down the most recent leaks, hacks, ransoms, and more in Watchtower Weekly (even though the podcast only comes out every other week).
  • Fun games. We end every episode with a special challenge for our hosts. From Ridiculous Requirements to Play Your Passwords Right, you can always expect some laughs to close out the show.

“A major and fair criticism of Random but Memorable is that it’s hardly very random. You have a short intro, the second part is always depressing news in Watchtower Weekly, then you do the interview, then you have a game or quiz, and you end with I love you’s and goodbye’s. Hardly random, I’d say. It is memorable though, so, five stars in random order from me! Keep up the great work.” – Jørgen, Random but Memorable listener

Some of our favorite episodes

Here are a few highlight worthy episodes from the past 100. We’ll leave it up to you to discover the rest!

Episode 90: Puzzle Solving Developer Community with Jeremiah Peschka from Stack Overflow

We spoke with Jeremiah Peschka, Staff Software Developer from Stack Overflow, to learn about how they’re building a community for developers, and encouraging collaboration so everyone can move forward faster.

Listen to episode 90 ›

Episode 76: Another Masked Vigilante Fear with Karen Renaud

Karen Renaud – computer scientist, researcher, and professor – joins us to discuss what exactly keeps people from using password managers and whether fear encourages us to care more about privacy.

Tune in to episode 76 ›

Episode 55: High Profile Fluffy Pet with Dr. Chris Pierson from BlackCloak

We were joined by Dr. Chris Pierson, Founder and CEO of BlackCloak, to discover why hackers target CISO’s, business executives, and other high-profile individuals.

Give episode 55 a listen ›

Episode 100: One Hundredth Episode Special

Our intrepid podcast hosts took a trip down memory lane and reviewed the show’s random but memorable history.

Celebrate with our 100th show ›

What to expect in the future

Random but Memorable isn’t going anywhere! We’re excited to bring you more security news, interviews, and games in the coming years. And we have some of our own news to share! Sara Teare, 1Password co-founder, joins the Random but Memorable team as a permanent rotating host. You can pop over to Sara’s Twitter to say hi and give her a warm welcome.

Whether you’ve been a listener since the start, or joined somewhere along the way – thank you for sticking with us! We can’t wait to share another 100 episodes with you and our guests. And if you’re just hearing about Random but Memorable for the first time, well, listen, like, and subscribe 😉 – you won’t regret it.

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