New research: Preparing for a passwordless future

New research: Preparing for a passwordless future

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We’ve used passwords to protect our private data for a very long time. But if you don’t use a password manager, it can be difficult to keep them memorized – especially if you’re using strong, unique passwords for each account.

Enter passkeys.

Passkeys are a modern alternative to passwords. They make it simpler and more secure to sign in by allowing you to create online accounts you can log into without entering a password. All you need is a trusted device to act as your authenticator, which could be your phone, tablet, or PC. When you go to sign in to an account, your device will prompt you to authenticate using your fingerprint or face for maximum protection, or a secure PIN if biometrics aren’t available.

Passwordless technology is positioned to change our lives. If we can get rid of passwords, we can also get rid of the many frustrations that come with them, from resets and phishing to failed logins and wasted time.

But how do people feel about a passwordless future? Are they open to it, and do they understand what it means? To answer these questions, we surveyed 2,000 adults in North America on their attitudes about passwords, as well as their understanding and willingness towards adopting new technology.

Here’s what we found:

Our key findings

  • People are desperate to simplify their digital lives. Nearly two in three people (65%) say they’re open to using any new technology that makes life simpler.

  • Passkeys aren’t going mainstream overnight. Only one in four people say they’ve heard the term “passwordless.”

  • People are open to passkeys once they understand what they are and how they work. Three in four people (75%) indicate they’d be open to using passkeys, when shown a description and example.

  • Phishing isn’t going away any time soon. 67% of respondents personally received phishing attack messages in the past year, while 100% either received phishing messages or know someone who did.

Read the full report

If you want to learn more about the passwordless future and its impact on cybersecurity, check out the full report. It digs deeper into how passwordless technology is going mainstream and how willing and motivated people are to give it a try. You’ll also learn how passkeys can simplify our digital lives, and how biometrics can make understanding and using them more comfortable and familiar.

Preparing for a passwordless future

Read our report to learn how passkeys are ushering in a password-free future, and what it’s going to take to get there.
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