Introducing Passage by 1Password – the simple way to add passkey support to your app or website

Introducing Passage by 1Password – the simple way to add passkey support to your app or website

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Toward the end of last year, Passage joined 1Password to bring passwordless authentication to everyone. Now, we’re ready to introduce you to Passage by 1Password: the fastest and most secure way for developers and businesses to add passkey support to their products.

According to a FIDO Alliance survey, 58% of consumers in the U.S. have abandoned purchases due to the difficulty of managing passwords. Creating a secure, frictionless sign-in experience will benefit both your customers and your business – they get a smoother login process, and you get happy customers less likely to abandon their purchases.

Recent research from Google shows that users are four times more successful logging in when they authenticate through passkeys rather than passwords. This means businesses who implement passkey support could gain a competitive advantage by making it easier for customers to log in.

The problem? Adding a passwordless login experience to your website or app can be complicated.

That’s where Passage comes in.

Passage by 1Password

The future of passwordless authentication is passkeys. Passkeys are tied to your device’s existing security and provide a simple and secure way to log in to all your accounts. They’re more secure than traditional passwords, and reduce the risk of phishing attacks.

Using passkeys, your customers will simply authenticate on their trusted device with biometrics – like Touch ID or Windows Hello. And that’s it! They’re immediately signed in to their account.

Implementing passkeys can be challenging as there are complexities surrounding cross-platform compatibility, account recovery, and ongoing maintenance. Passage by 1Password makes it simple for you to add passwordless authentication methods on your websites and apps with just two lines of code.

We currently offer two solutions – Passkey Complete and Passkey Flex – that will give your customers the smooth sign-in process they deserve. This will increase engagement and conversions without putting a strain on your developers’ most precious resource: time.

Passkey Complete

Passkey Complete lets you ditch traditional passwords and enjoy the full business and security benefits of passkeys without your own authentication infrastructure. It’s a ready-to-use solution that completely replaces your existing login flow. If you’re building a website or app from scratch, or are ready to make your product fully passwordless, it’s the perfect solution for you.

With Passkey Complete, you can offer your customers a more secure form of authentication and the best user experience available by completely eliminating passwords.

A screenshot of a property website with a Passkey Complete login window.

Passkey Complete defaults to passkey logins, but also provides graceful fallbacks to other passwordless methods. This ensures compatibility across systems and devices, as well as effortless account recovery. Passkey Complete can also serve as an identity provider (IdP) by storing user and authentication data.

Passkey Complete is available in public beta and you can implement it into your product today or utilize our integration with Supabase for apps you’re building on that platform.

Passkey Flex

We’re also excited to announce Passkey Flex.

Not quite ready to go all-in on passkeys? Passkey Flex lets you offer a simple passkey login experience alongside traditional passwords and other authentication methods.

A screenshot of a property website with a Passkey Flex login window.

Quickly adopt passkeys as an option, giving your business time to validate this new authentication type across your user experiences and systems.

Our solution allows you to build towards the future while continuing to support your customers with the traditional methods they know. You’ll lead the transition towards a better, more secure login experience so you are well positioned as consumer passkey adoption accelerates.

Get started with Passkey Flex, now in public beta.

Passage by 1Password takes the stress out of supporting passkeys. Whether you want to completely replace your current identity platform with Passkey Complete, or provide an option alongside your existing infrastructure with Passkey Flex – we’re here to support you in bringing smooth logins to your customers.

Add passkey support with Passage by 1Password

Give your customers the frictionless login experience they deserve. Add passkey support to your website or app with Passage by 1Password.
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