Keep your heart and your passwords safe with 1Password

Keep your heart and your passwords safe with 1Password

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With February upon us, we can all feel the love in the air. But no matter what kind of love you’re celebrating, you and yours deserve a place to keep your secrets safe – from love letters to passwords.

To make your Valentine’s Day even more safe and sweet, we called in our favorite newspaper columnist, the 1LoveExpert, to answer some questions about love and security. 💝 🔑

Dear 1LoveExpert,

I need your opinion. Things are getting serious between me and my partner, and I just don’t know if I’m ready. I went to their place for dinner, and we’d just settled in to stream a movie when they said those three words I wasn’t prepared for: “What’s your password?” I just don’t know if I want to move so fast with password sharing. What should I do?

Sincerely, Movie-ing too fast 😱

Dear Movie-ing too fast,

Sharing passwords is a huge step that requires trust and commitment. That said, not sharing passwords at all, regardless of where you’re at in your relationship, can also be a sign of trust and maturity. In fact, 33% of people believe that not sharing passwords in a relationship is healthy, and a good chunk of younger generations won’t even consider password sharing until they’re dating exclusively.

There’s no need to rush. Sharing passwords can be a gradual process that you and your partner discuss over time. In the meantime, if you’re not completely ready to let that firewall down but want to enjoy the convenience of password sharing, 1Password can help. With Item Sharing, you can securely share any item for a limited amount of time, even if they don’t use 1Password. If the relationship doesn’t work out, you can change the password any time. But if cupid did a good job and you’re ready to make that relationship status official, you can share even more while still protecting yourself. 1Password Families lets you share only the logins and information you’re comfortable with while keeping everything else private. Plus, 1Password Families is more affordable than two separate accounts.

Sincerely, 1LoveExpert

Dear 1LoveExpert,

My son’s growing up so fast! He’s doing online school right now, and just created an account on a new platform for sending digital Valentines to his classmates. When I was helping him set it up, I noticed he chose the password “iloveyou.” It melted my heart, but I want him to learn about the importance of strong passwords. How can I start teaching him to build better online security habits at a young age?

Anxiously yours, Password Papa 👨‍👦

Dear Password Papa,

Building good security habits early is a great way to prioritize online safety, and you’re not the only parent thinking about this. 40% of parents talk about online security with their preschool children, which is great to see! It’s also important to get your own security habits up to standard so you’re setting a good example your son can eventually take on himself. Alarmingly, 55% of dads let their children share their family’s streaming account information with friends, for example. While password sharing isn’t wrong in and of itself, doing so securely and selectively is crucial.

You can begin with small steps, like making the secure option the easiest option to choose. With 1Password Families, you can help your son get in the habit of creating strong passwords while signing in with a single click. It can also be used to securely access other items he might need to stay safe, like alarm codes, secure notes, and limited time logins.

Sincerely, 1LoveExpert

Dear 1LoveExpert,

My long-time partner forgets everything and it’s a constant headache! I love them dearly but It’s been 25 years of reminding them about passwords, credit card verification codes, and even their blood type! Definitely the kind of person to forget their head if it wasn’t attached. How can I make my life easier?

Begrudgingly, Chief Memory Officer 😒

Dear Chief Memory Officer,

As a member of the forgetful partner community, I apologize on behalf of all of us. If you’re about ready to lock your partner away and “lose” the key, I can offer some perspective. Forgetting passwords is super common, and it’s likely why 26% of people still use their first-ever password for an online account. Usually, telling that forgetful someone to “write it down” would be a good call, but when it comes to credit cards and other sensitive information, you only want that in a safe place.

1Password is a secure place to store and share everything that’s important to you. It gives you the option to “write it down” without putting yourself at risk. Passport numbers, loyalty cards, medical records – you name it. And when you update a shared password, your partner will have access to the new one right away. You don’t have to tell them it’s changed, or worry about whether they’ll remember the new one when they try to log in.

Sincerely, 1LoveExpert

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Want to know more? You can read about love and logins in our report on password sharing and relationships, or find out how other families manage the password paradigm in our report on online safety in the home.

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