Fortify your security with 1Password and JumpCloud

Fortify your security with 1Password and JumpCloud

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Starting today, we’re adding JumpCloud to the list of popular enterprise identity providers compatible with the 1Password SCIM bridge, making it easier for more teams to provision and manage their users. We’re thrilled to add JumpCloud’s easy-to-use and highly rated service to our growing list of integrations.

Using JumpCloud and 1Password, you can establish the oversight you need to fortify your security policies and protect your team.

“Password management is a critical part of any company’s security model, and we find that 1Password does it better than anyone else. The 1Password and JumpCloud integration allows us to have a complete Single Sign-On solution, and offers a very effective way of programmatically managing access.” – Reilly Scull, CTO at Macktez

Uninterrupted workflow

The 1Password SCIM bridge helps you manage your teams at scale, bringing 1Password into the workflows you already know and trust. It lets you control the rollout of 1Password Business from your existing IDP (Identity Provider) system, so you can keep using the tools your team are familiar with.

Integration with JumpCloud gives you effortless control over the 1Password deployment process so you can:

  • Create users
  • Grant and revoke permissions
  • Update user attributes
  • Deactivate users
  • Establish/Provision groups

Together, 1Password and JumpCloud let you easily provision, update, and de-provision employee accounts.

You can even replicate your existing directory structure with a single click, provisioning the same groups in 1Password so you can hit the ground running – all while helping you strengthen and enforce your security policies.

Effortless management and control

The 1Password SCIM bridge handles encryption and security while JumpCloud acts as a virtual directory in the cloud, synchronizing employee profiles across all your directories, including Active Directory (AD), LDAP, Google Apps directory, JumpCloud Cloud Directory, and HR directories.

You can deploy the 1Password SCIM bridge with one click from multiple cloud providers, including DigitalOcean, or it can be self-hosted on your existing infrastructure so the encryption keys never leave your control. The SCIM bridge connects to your identity provider using the same multi-layered approach that secures all 1Password clients: Secure Remote Password (SRP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Automate and strengthen security

The 1Password SCIM bridge makes administration simple, helping you manage and automate all your access, password, and security policies. You can even pair the SCIM bridge with 1Password Advanced Protection to further bolster your defenses, allowing you to:

For help with getting started, read how to set up and use the 1Password SCIM bridge to integrate with JumpCloud.

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Matt O'Leary - VP, Technology Partnerships & BD Matt O'Leary - VP, Technology Partnerships & BD

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