Voice Control in iOS 13 is amazing and 1Password is ready

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One of the most impressive parts of Apple’s enormous WWDC Keynote on Monday was the announcement of Voice Control for iOS 13.

This brand new feature is a complete game changer for users who may not have the ability to interact with their iOS device using their hands and fingers. Using simple, predictable voice commands you can control every aspect of your iOS device. We pride ourselves on providing a 1Password experience that works for all our customers and when it came time to add Voice Control support to our iOS app all that prior work paid huge dividends.

Check this out:

So many incredible things have been announced at WWDC this year and we’re only starting to scratch the surface of the things we can do. I can’t wait for you to try out Voice Control on IOS 13 when it launches this fall!

Apple Team Lead

Michael Fey - Apple Team Lead Michael Fey - Apple Team Lead

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