How MeisterLabs manages security for multiple sites

How MeisterLabs manages security for multiple sites

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MeisterLabs has been making productivity-focused software for over a decade. Their mind-mapping tool, MindMeister, is used by almost 10 million people and teams across the world, including some household names like CNN, ORACLE, and SAP. Their project and task manager, MeisterTask, is listed as a top app in the App Store.

We sat down with Olivia, Communications Manager at MeisterLabs, and talked about how she found using 1Password as a member of the team.

Before joining the company, Olivia had been using a different password manager, and so when presented with 1Password, she was thrilled with how easy it was to set up.

“The onboarding process was super easy from a team member perspective. I just got an email from our team administrator. I created my Master Password and was given my Secret Key and was instantly in. Simple! When I had my account set up, the built in importer made bringing my data into 1Password really easy. It was fast too!”

Over the next two years, the company opened two new offices in San Francisco and Seattle, in addition to their original offices in Vienna and Munich. Without 1Password, Olivia tells us their multi-site setup would have been much harder to manage.

“With different people, places, and timezones to look after, keeping everyone in sync would be a challenge without 1Password. As we scale our locations and teams, the access and permissions management that comes with 1Password Business will be super useful.”

Forgetting passwords is a fact of life, and when the password you forget unlocks all your other passwords, you need a recovery solution that is as simple as it can be, yet without compromising your security or that of your company.

“I once got locked out of my account and it was such an easy experience to get back in! I panicked and emailed 1Password Support, only to be told that all I needed to do was ask my administrator for help. I did so, and within a couple of clicks and I was back in and working. That focus on privacy and protecting the user is so valued here.”

Olivia has now been using 1Password for some time, and we asked her to tell us how 1Password has made her day-to-day work that bit easier.

“One of the things we use 1Password for at MeisterLabs is to cover staff vacations. Before 1Password, passwords would have to be written down when a team member went away, so that colleagues could cover their work. Having 1Password, and being able to share those passwords has eliminated that and made vacation cover easier and much more secure! Not sure we could cope without it now!”

As well as speaking with Olivia, we also asked Till Vollmer, MeisterLabs Co-Founder and team administrator what he thought of 1Password Business.

“With new team members joining regularly, we wanted a secure means of storing and sharing company credentials with new staff, without extensive on-boarding required - in 1Password Business, we found the ideal solution. I would absolutely recommend 1Password as a password management solution for any growing team like ours.” Till Vollmer, MeisterLabs’ co-founder and Managing Director

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