1Password Developer Tools joins the GitHub Student Developer Pack

1Password Developer Tools joins the GitHub Student Developer Pack

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Students can now get a free year of 1Password with the GitHub Student Developer Pack to jump-start their careers in software development.

Once upon a time, I was a computer science student who depended on getting access to academic versions of software development tools for my courses. When Microsoft released Visual Studio Academic, I was excited that I could finally advance my skills without paying thousands of dollars for the suite.

Today, things are a bit different. Code development, testing, and deployment require a host of cloud-based tools and platforms such as Amazon AWS, Azure, and others. If you’re learning software development, costs can rack up quickly as you pay for dozens of subscriptions and credits. That’s why we’re excited to partner with GitHub, to help students jump-start their adventure in software development.

1Password in the GitHub Student Developer Pack

As of today, through our partnership with GitHub Education and the GitHub Student Developer Pack, all students verified through GitHub Education get access to one free year of 1Password and 1Password Developer Tools.

The GitHub Student Developer Pack gives students access to the real-world tools they need to build and deploy software, without the usual financial burden. We’re honored to be a part of this effort to fuel the next crop of software developers.

1Password is essential as you begin your journey at university, making it simple to follow best security practices while navigating online. It can generate and autofill strong passwords for all your online accounts, remove the hassle from group projects by making credential sharing fast and simple, and give you an at-a-glance overview of your security health with Watchtower.

But for developers, 1Password can do a whole lot more.

Let’s dive into 1Password Developer Tools

1Password Developer Tools is a suite of capabilities that streamlines and secures your workflows across the entire software development life cycle. That includes:

  • 1Password for SSH and Git. Generate and securely store modern keys, authorize SSH connections with TouchID, Windows Hello or Linux system-auth.
  • Git commit signing. Get that ‘verified’ badge on your GitHub commits with built-in support for SSH key-powered Git commit signing.
  • 1Password for VS Code. The best defense against secrets leaking from your code is not adding them to your code in the first place. Secret references do just that, replacing actual secrets with references to their location in 1Password. 1Password for VS Code brings that functionality to your favorite editor.
  • 1Password CLI. 1Password CLI allows you to automate administrative tasks, securely provision secrets across development environments, and use biometrics to authenticate in the terminal.
  • Service accounts. Built for teams, service accounts offer a secure way to automate infrastructure secrets in development and deployment workflows. Service accounts work with the CLI to allow programmatic access to 1Password, support custom access scopes, and are not tied to an individual user.
  • Shell Plugins. Easily configure 1Password to securely authenticate third-party CLIs with your fingerprint, Apple Watch, or system authentication. 14 of the current shell plugins were built by the developer community via the open source project… and you can write your own in about ten minutes.
  • Use CI/CD integrations to securely access secrets stored in 1Password inside your tool’s configuration.

Access 1Password through the GitHub Student Developer Pack

To get started with 1Password Developer Tools, sign up for GitHub Education student benefits for access to the Student Developer Pack, which is available to all students aged 13 and above who are enrolled in a degree or diploma-granting course of study.

Once you have access to the pack, you can claim your free 1Password Developer Tools subscription, which includes a 1Password individual membership for one year.

Claim one free year of 1Password

Sign in with GitHub to verify your student status and claim one free year of 1Password.
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