Effortless collaboration: how 1Password connects Netguru’s team

Effortless collaboration: how 1Password connects Netguru’s team

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Netguru has been using 1Password for years, starting with our standalone product before upgrading to 1Password Business in 2016. They rely on 1Password to keep their team connected and secure as they work around the world.

Netguru builds digital products that change how people do things. The company’s clients have transformed the way people listen to music, learn languages, and rent bikes. In over 10 years of operation, Netguru has delivered more than 1,400 projects for top startups and Fortune500 companies.

With a growing team of 500 people and counting, Netguru strives to create a transparent, connected, and flexible work environment. They have been recognised as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, having been featured three times in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, as well as FT1000 by Financial Times.

We spoke to Adam Nowak, Head of Technology at Netguru, about how 1Password powers their team’s security and efficiency.

Adam joined the team in 2011 and has been involved in numerous aspects of the business. He leads a team of more than 150 developers, and manages Netguru’s 1Password membership.

“Every single person in the company uses 1Password Business. It makes our collaboration effortless, and means that everyone has the passwords they need, whenever they need them. Many in our team loved 1Password Business so much that they now have personal accounts too.”

Netguru’s growth has been rapid, and the company has welcomed new web & mobile developers, project managers, QA, UX/graphic designers and support staff to the team. To support their expanding crew, they needed a robust, secure, full-featured password manager that was also easy for everyone use.

“We believe that 1Password has a great combination of power, ease of use and security. Even our non-technical colleagues can easily use 1Password Business and keep their data safe.”

“With just a few steps, 1Password brings huge impact for the person using it. They go from no security to strong security in just a few steps. It’s amazing!”

“We have remote team members working across Europe and our clients are spread further still. With 1Password we can all work as if we are in the same place.”

Every team uses 1Password differently, so we designed 1Password Business to suit multiple use cases. The customisable vault structure and group setup allow teams to manage their passwords easily.

“Our vaults follow our department structure with vaults for marketing, development and business teams. We also create a new vault for every project, meaning that passwords are easy to find and use for each client.”

“We are a 100% Mac company, and the design of the 1Password Mac app fits in perfectly with our workflow. When combined with the mobile apps we find 1Password a perfectly convenient solution.”

“We used the Groups feature a lot, we find it really convenient to set up new team members and make changes to teams.”

Adam says he can’t recommend 1Password enough.

“It fits our needs as a company, and I use it personally as well. I only remember my Master Password now, and all my other accounts are secured through 1Password. Our people are always getting others to use 1Password in their families and at work, it really is great!”

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