What it means to intern at 1Password

What it means to intern at 1Password

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The end of the academic semester is always bittersweet at 1Password – a time when we part ways with the talented people who’ve joined us for an internship over the weeks before. Bittersweet because it’s always sad to say goodbye to new friends, but lovely to reflect on the valuable contribution they’ve made to 1Password – both our product and our culture.

This year I wanted to share some thoughts from Mio who interned with us over the spring semester as part of the integrations team, working on the command-line tool. I hope Mio’s story gives you some insight into what it’s like to intern at 1Password – and hopefully encourage you to get in touch if it’s something you’d like to do in future. We’re always thrilled to have new students join the team.

Take it away Mio…

I got to introduce secure password generation to the command-line interface (CLI). I think it’s an awesome feature for a password manager to have, so being able to add that to the CLI myself was honestly pretty exciting.

Nothing is more motivating than a genuinely exciting project, and I was given the constant opportunity to do just that. Despite this only being my second work term, I feel like I did a lot, and that those things are actually useful internally and to customers.

At the start, I was a little daunted by the remote aspect of the job. The company spans across the entire world, and my small team alone contained a nine-hour difference in time zones. Communication is naturally key in a remote company, and it felt like there is a mutual understanding among everyone.

I was blessed with the opportunity to meet a good bunch of the company at the annual conference, AGConf. With remote work, it’s easy for the conversations to really only focus on work, but being able to bond over all the other interesting things in life definitely made the online communication easier and more relaxed.

I found myself thinking that the remote nature of 1Password is a strength. Because everyone is from all over the world, it results in an extremely diverse group of people.

Thanks, Mio! I hope this story shows that interning at 1Password is an opportunity to work on real projects. There’s a simple reason for this: It’s best for everyone. I started my 1Password career as an intern working with the iOS team, so I can attest to the invaluable contribution these experiences can make to a career. A few short years later, it’s a privilege to be able to help mentor students during their own internships at 1Password.

I also hope it shows that we strive to make sure 1Password is a welcoming, nurturing environment. All interns get hands-on, in-depth experience working with the software and the developers behind it. We encourage everyone to dive in and participate, learn as much as they can, and to always ask questions.

We know that it can be challenging to step into an internship with a remote team, but we pride ourselves on our culture. We make sure that internships are a rewarding and inspiring learning experience, where you forge meaningful connections with team members around the world. (Though we also encourage the Toronto-based interns to come into the office once or twice a week for face-to-face time with the team.)

If you’re interested in interning at 1Password we’d love to hear from you. We’re always keen to talk to people who are motivated to help us on our mission to make the internet a safer place for everyone. You can keep an eye on our jobs page and drop us a line when the time is right. We’ll also announce new openings on Twitter.

Thanks again to Mio, and all our spring semester interns! It was so great to work with you. We wish you all the best for what I’m sure are very bright futures.

Connor Hicks

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