Coming together to make a difference

Coming together to make a difference

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Thanksgiving is the holiday so nice we do it twice – a quirk of having our North American team members distributed across the US and Canada! With your help, we raised over $51,000 USD this year to support Second Harvest, United Way Centraide, and Food Banks Canada in their efforts to make the holidays happy for everybody.

Too often it feels like our ability to make an impact is limited, but during times like these it’s helpful to remember the compounding power of small gestures. You may think one person can’t move the needle much, but collectively we can effect real change.

And we have.

Between Canadian 🇨🇦 and US 🇺🇸 Thanksgiving, over 51,000 of you signed up to keep your loved ones safe with a 1Password Families account. By choosing to protect your family online, you’ve also chosen to help other families put food on the table this holiday season.

🤝 Supporting Our Communities

Over the past month, $1 from each of those sign-ups was donated to three notable organizations working hard to support our communities:

Second Harvest is creating an efficient food recovery network, reducing the environmental impact of food waste while ensuring that everyone - regardless of their economic situation - is able to feed themselves and their family.

United Way Centraide works across Canada to make change locally, creating opportunities for everyone in our communities to live a better life by reducing poverty, supporting children and youth, and building vibrant neighbourhoods.

Food Banks Canada helps those across Canada living with food insecurity by working to relieve hunger, strengthen local capacity, and reduce the need for food banks.

🍽️ Food for Thought

As we rejoin our loved ones at the dinner table this holiday season, hundreds of other families nation-wide will be sitting down to enjoy food that you helped put on their tables.

But your contribution is about more than just meals; $51,000 USD means less food waste, and the diversion of thousands of pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to you, we’ve made a meaningful impact – for people and for the planet – during an especially trying time.

This season, our hearts are as full as our plates – and that’s something we can all be thankful for.

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Marius Masalar - Manager, Content Marius Masalar - Manager, Content

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