New 1Password SIEM integration with Sumo Logic and Panther

New 1Password SIEM integration with Sumo Logic and Panther

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Reduce the time your team spends investigating security issues by using a customizable dashboard that shows your organization’s entire security posture. With the new Sumo Logic and Panther integrations for 1Password, you can monitor potential risks around company data or credentials stored within 1Password.

Now, as a 1Password Business customer, managing all your 1Password security reports with your security information and event management (SIEM) system can be done in one central location.

1Password’s Events API as a reporting bridge

As the cost of a data breach increases each year, hitting $4.24 million in 2021, businesses can no longer afford to set and forget their security protocols. To minimize risk it’s important to keep track of your organization’s security and address risks on a regular basis.

With a dashboard related to events like failed sign-in info and item usage, along with security recommendations, 1Password is the easiest way to monitor and manage your organization’s secrets while still securing employees.

Sumo Logic and Panther are both SIEM systems that collect, aggregate, search, and monitor company data, and also notify you of any potential risks or attacks. They help reduce the time your team needs to spend investigating security and operational issues.

Using the 1Password Events API, Sumo Logic and Panther can now stream 1Password data into their own application for customers to use for dashboarding and analysis. It’s now a single place for you to assess security risks and create solutions to mitigate them.

Customize your dashboard, see everything in one place, save yourself time.

With these new SIEM integrations, Sumo Logic and Panther customers will be able to track everything security-related in a single location. Enable your team to work smarter and faster while keeping your information secure. The integrations let you:

  • Track sign-in events. Be notified when there are both successful and failed login attempts.
  • Monitor item usage. Find out which users accessed or modified what items, and when.
  • Threat intel notifications. Discover any potential security risks or attacks with suggestions on how to handle them.

View your 1Password security reporting in Sumo Logic and Panther, reducing the time spent jumping between different dashboards. Integrating with Sumo Logic and Panther is simple and secure, and can give your team everything they need to monitor your organization’s security health.

Getting started

These SIEM integrations are available to anyone with a 1Password Business account and a Sumo Logic and/or Panther account.

Not a 1Password Business or Teams customer? Try it free for 14 days!

If you’re already a customer of both 1Password and Sumo Logic or Panther, then you can get started and connect them from the integrations directory in your 1Password Business account. Once you’ve integrated your SIEM partner with 1Password, check out 1Password Support to start enabling features.

Interested in becoming an integration partner with 1Password? Email to get started.

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