Automated provisioning with 1Password and Rippling

Automated provisioning with 1Password and Rippling

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Streamline your organization’s processes by managing all of your permissions in one place. The 1Password SCIM bridge and Rippling integration makes it easy for you to provision and deprovision users, manage group memberships, and secure your business.

Protecting your organization’s data and secrets with 1Password, while working seamlessly within Rippling, will help reduce the demands on your IT team so they can focus on other priorities.

1Password and Rippling

Smaller businesses are three times more likely to be the target of cyberattacks. Unlike larger corporations, small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the resources required to effectively combat security threats.

1Password helps businesses protect against password reuse, reduces the frequency of password resets, and lets administrators manage who has access to what business secrets. Rippling is an employee management tool that simplifies and combines HR and IT into one platform – allowing administrators to manage payroll, distribute important documents, and set up employees with apps and devices.

By deploying the 1Password SCIM bridge, Rippling customers are combining the convenience and productivity of an all-in-one platform with 1Password’s human-centric approach to security. Admins are able to easily automate tasks and manage 1Password access from Rippling, freeing up time from work that would typically require IT and HR to support.

Automated provisioning made easy

Enable your team to move faster while staying secure.

With the 1Password and Rippling integration, you have control over who has access to what information. And, you can now automate common administrative tasks, reinforcing security while reducing the burden of manual requests. This enables your team to move faster while staying secure. The integration lets you:

  • Create users. Users created in Rippling will also be created in 1Password.
  • Update user attributes. Changing user attributes in your directory will change the mapped attributes in 1Password.
  • Deactivate users. Deactivating a user or disabling the user’s access to 1Password in Rippling will also suspend the user in 1Password.
  • Sync group memberships. 1Password groups are available in Rippling, and any changes you make to group memberships sync to 1Password automatically.
  • Use Teams and Departments. You can use your Rippling Teams and Departments to add and remove users from 1Password groups.

Each task is done within Rippling and synchronized to 1Password, removing the duplication of admin efforts. Integrating 1Password with Rippling is simple, secure, and gives your team access to everything they need from the moment they’re provisioned.

Getting started

The Rippling integration is available to anyone with both a 1Password and a Rippling account.

And if you’re already a customer of both 1Password and Rippling, then you can get started and connect the two in your account settings.

Once you’ve integrated Rippling with 1Password, check out 1Password Support to start enabling features.

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