Introducing the 1Password Internet Password Book (April Fools'!)

Introducing the 1Password Internet Password Book (April Fools'!)

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Don’t worry, we haven’t completely lost our minds over here — it’s just April Fool’s day!

At 1Password we take privacy and security very seriously, and we think everybody else should too. That’s why we would never really suggest ditching your password manager for a cute password book you keep on your desk.

And while writing down lots of unique passwords is admittedly safer than reusing the same password for everything, it still isn’t anywhere near as safe as using a password manager, and it certainly isn’t as convenient.

Password books can get lost, damaged, or accessed by other people — and, worse, they encourage people to use weak, easy-to-type passwords (because if you’re manually typing things in, you don’t want to spend forever doing it). Our password generator creates passwords like =Rw}U5Wx}cHxc)2g6-^Z#7. Imagine writing dozens of passwords like that in a notebook, and copying them out each time you need to use them. You probably wouldn’t, right?

Getting started with 1Password is the best decision you can make for your online security. By removing the burden of remembering or copying out login information, it makes it really easy to use extremely secure passwords. 1Password keeps your information secure and private — as well as helping you to identify weak, reused, or compromised passwords thanks to Watchtower.

With 1Password, your Master Password is the only password you need to remember. You can forget the rest. Make them long, random, and secure. They’re all safe inside 1Password, ready for you to fill with a click.

Make your life easier and your passwords safer by signing up for a free trial of 1Password today.

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